boldpleasures Values


principles or standards of behaviour; one’s judgement of what is important in life.

We embrace the pursuit of passion

We genuinely believe that kink can bring joy into people’s lives. To promote communication, safety, and consensuality, we help people develop awareness of the risks they are taking as well as help them avoid common pitfalls.

We guide and educate 

We walk the walk and talk the talk as real people and humble supporters of the kink lifestyle. Rejecting the idea of the one true way in favor of helping people find THEIR way, we celebrate diversity and have no place for dogma.

We embody integrity

With the best intentions. We act with respect, live with integrity, and always uphold fairness. We respect the limits–of others as well as ourselves. We don’t compromise on consent. We treat all customers and partners with transparency and openness.

Above all else, we are optimists

At our core, we as a company believe in the best in people. We commit to considering all ideas with a positive eye and an open mind. We strive to bring joy. We seek to support each other and learn from our mistakes together.