boldpleasures Team

Here's us, the folks behind boldpleasures. Feel free to reach out to each one of us. And if you have any questions for the team, go ask away in the Q&A section. No taboos, no question too silly. 


Marco is a co-founder of boldpleasures. He is the man behind the scenes, taking care of business and technology running smoothly. Marco is a kinkster and tinker. He has Greek roots and a Dutch passport, is married to Sonja and they live near Amsterdam.


Sonja is a co-founder of boldpleasures. She's on a mission to remove the stigma surrounding kink. Sonja writes about BDSM research and how to combine kink in every-day family life. She is married to Marco, has German roots and lives in the Netherlands.


Hans has over a quarter of a century of experience in the mental health sector and BDSM. He is a certified physio- and psychotherapist and relationship coach. Hans specializes on kink, alternative relationships and addiction. He is married to Karin and together they run KinkInfo. You can reach Hans also on KinkAwareCoach.


Karin has been a BDSM educator for over a decade and an active kinkster for much longer. She used to be a professional domina and is a popular fetish model. Karin is also our expert on ABDL. She is married to Hans and together they run many BDSM training courses in Amsterdam. Find out more on KinkInfo (Dutch only).

Jay boldpleasures

Jay is our resident male sex toy tester and kinkster for over two decades. Jay organizes BDSM play parties and is our expert on knife play and electro play. He also helps out with the tech base for boldpleasures. Jay is married to Tess and they live near Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


Tess is our expert on sex toys and BDSM accessories. Her fair reviews and lovely style made the number one sex toy review site of the Netherlands. Tess is an active kinkster and loves BDSM parties. She is married to Jay and they live near Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


Jozef looks after translating our international content contributions. He has been translating kinky and sexual content for many years. Next to traveling all over the world, he enjoys experiencing all kinds of new things.  Jozef lives with his lovely wife in Denmark.


Stephanie makes sure we've got a steady stream of articles coming into our magazine, manages our social media channels and our quota vanilla on the team. She is Australian by origin, married with twin girls and lives near Amsterdam, the Netherlands.