You might be surprised to discover that feet are considered the most commonly fetishized non-sexual body part. That’s right, there’s a lot happening below the ankles.

Foot worship isn’t for everyone, there are lots of readers out there who would recoil at the thought of someone else’s toe in their mouth. But there is no denying foot fetishes are extremely common, if you still don’t believe me, just check out wikifeet. If this subject catches your attention, then keep on reading.

Are there different types of foot fetishes?

The quick answer is yes! Foot love comes in all shapes and sizes, from footwear attraction to foot adornment, some people might be really into toes while others get off on the smell of feet. To each their own.!
Because foot fetishes are so individual to each person, my absolute number 1 tip is, talk about it. Tell your partner what you like and what you’re into. Trust me, it’ll make for a much more enjoyable experience.

Why do people have foot fetishes?

Over the years I’ve read many different theories on the “cause” of foot fetishes, and just like most theories on subjects slightly outside of what’s considered normal, theories can range from, plain madness to crossed wiring in the brain.

If you have a foot fetish, you are totally normal! It can be really fun and enjoyable for both you and your partner, an intimate andsensual experience, and without any fussy equipment or positions involved!
If you find yourself aroused by feet, remember, you’re not alone! (Remember Wikifeet!)

Getting started

If you think that your partner has a foot fetish, firstly, just ask. Get straight to the point and you can start exploring together.

Being open about what you like, really is the key. Don’t be shy or embarrassed, people who are worth your time and emotional investment won’t be complete assholes about what gets you off! (Especially if they’re the ones on the receiving end of a sensual foot massage!) 😉

I’m proud to say my partner has a foot fetish, so I often find myself being asked the same questions by curious friends and readers.

I want to share a few of these with you..

How do I please a guy with a foot fetish?

Talk, find out what he likes, and how he likes it. You can have some serious fun exploring and learning how to satisfy each other.

It may sound scary, but it’s better than spending money on a pedicure only to discover he hates pedicures. Been there, done that! Just communicate and enjoy.

What should I do about my foot fetish?

Promise me one thing, you won’t keep asking yourself “why do I have a foot fetish?” You just do, now it’s time to have fun with it, figure out what you enjoy, and share it with your partner.

What is it like to be in a relationship with someone with a foot fetish?

My husband has a foot fetish, so for me this is a really common question. I’m not sure what people expect me to say, I mean 99% of our relationship does NOT revolve around it.

In the bedroom, him having a foot fetish adds just a nice dimension to sex. Even after years, it still makes me giggle sometimes, and giggly sex is fun, right?

I enjoy seeing him get pleasure out of playing with my feet. It loses its awkwardness pretty quickly and is just wonderful to see. And a plus for all women: He ALWAYS happily lets me get a pedicure whenever I want to!

How do I tell a girl about foot fetish if she does not know about it?

Just be honest and open. Don’t waste your time on being ashamed, it’s a fetish not a disease. Once you’ve talked about it start slowly introducing feet into your sex life, maybe just with kissing at first.

Be prepared to show her what you like, it might be a totally new idea for her. If she feels insecure about her feet, give plenty of reassurance, AFTER you have told her you love her feet the way they are, just have fun discovering this aspect of your sexuality together!

Most importantly, ditch the shame.

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Sonja is a co-founder of boldpleasures. She's on a mission to free people to revel in their true sensuality by removing the stigma surrounding kink. Sonja writes about first steps, ditching the shame and how to combine kink and 'normal' family life. She's a mother of two.


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