What images cross your mind when you think about Panty Play? Sadly, for most people, the image of a hairy man, dressed in terrible lacy panties in a locked room, in front of a mirror is what crosses their minds. It’s a pity to think that there is so much misinformation in something that can be a sensual and sexy shared experience!

What is Panty Play?

Wikipedia gives it the rather generic and unflattering name of “Underwear Fetishism”, and describes it as:

“Underwear fetishism is a sexual fetishism relating to undergarments, and refers to preoccupation with the sexual excitement of certain types of underwear, including panties, stockings, pantyhose, bras, or other items.

Some people experience sexual excitement from wearing, while others get their excitement when observing or handling the underwear worn by another, or watching somebody putting underwear on/taking it off.

Some may steal used underwear to get satisfaction. Not only does this include physical contact with the garment(s), or their wearers, but also includes arousal by printed or electronic image with depictions of underwear.”

That definition really doesn’t do it justice. Panty play can be a fun solo, or shared experience. With that sounding so clinical and unattractive, let’s break it down and talk about it so you can see the fun side!

Types of Panty Play

What turns you on? Panty play appeals to all the senses – so it’s really about finding what you (and your partner!) find the most sensual!


For some people, it’s all about the sensation of slipping into (or taking off!) a pair of panties, from cool, sensual satins and silks, to comfortable cotton and even to seductive see-through lace. For others, it’s about the secret knowledge that under your everyday clothes, you’re wearing something cute, or sexy, or both.

Using the sensations of the fabrics moving over your body can also be stimulating, and this is often a good foreplay and even masturbation technique for solo players. Teasing through the flies of a pair of boxers, or a jockstrap is also very exciting. Be creative and find what really switches you on 😉

boldpleasures team tip – When you’re removing your panties, or someone else’s, don’t get caught up in the moment – ‘carpet’ burn is real and hurts! – Jay


Seeing yourself in a sexy thong, or even in a pair or white cotton briefs can be a fantastic feeling for you, and for a partner. A cheeky glimpse of a thong under a skirt, or even a pair of white cotton y-fronts poking out from a pair of jeans is enough to turn some people on …

Smell & Taste

Panty play appeals to some people via these senses. It’s sometimes about the smell of the wearer, and sometimes about the clean scent of soap and water. The smell and taste is the sexually exciting part – a natural scent that drives them wild. It’s also about being close to the wearer – nothing suggests intimacy than panties, freshly worn.

This demand and desire is really evident in Japan. Burusera stores started appearing in the 1990’s, selling used schoolgirl panties, and this is now a thriving business! You can even buy them from vending machines around major cities.

There is also an incredible worldwide online market where you can talk directly with sellers about custom orders – not only what kind of panties, but the number of days you want them worn, what you want the wearer to do in them … the options are completely open! The only limitation is of course, how much money you want to spend, and naturally, the wait for them to be delivered if the seller isn’t local.

Of course, you also have the option with a consenting partner to ‘make your own’. Here your options are much more open when it comes to filling your fantasies. And of course, they always say that home made is so much better … 😉

A Note on Stuffing …

Stuffing is when you literally ‘stuff’ panties into your partner’s mouth, bottom or vagina. The important thing to remember here is that whilst this can be fun – make sure you’re using clean panties! Wash them normally first, then rinse again in clear water to make sure you’re not going to upset any anal or vaginal floras, or pH balances.

Also, don’t share them between any orifices (to prevent infections). Safe play is always fun play (and don’t forget your safewords!)

Finally …

Panties are a fun, versatile and a kink that is perfect for solo and multiple players. You’re limited only by your imagination – so get out there and experiment. Talk to your partner about what you’d like to try! Together you can work out your boundaries, and also find amazing new ways to stimulate each other. 😉

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Sonja is a co-founder of boldpleasures. She's on a mission to free people to revel in their true sensuality by removing the stigma surrounding kink. Sonja writes about first steps, ditching the shame and how to combine kink and 'normal' family life. She's a mother of two.


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