As you might know, I’m a kinkster. That’s why I’m happy sent me these two Tawse in exchange for an honest review.

Tawse… what?

For people who now think “what are you talking about?” here is a brief explanation about the Tawse, what it is and what you do with it.

Tawse: What to do with it?

Depending on the person you are, you can use the Tawse for two different things; you use it to hit someone with it (consensual obviously), or you’re on the receiving end of the tawse (also consensual of course).
So, if you’re not the masochist or sadist and therefor do not enjoy providing or receiving pain, then a tawse is not something you would need in your toy collection.

Okay, spanking it is, but what is it made from?

There is actually no standard when it comes to the material of a tawse, but most are made out of leather. The Cat’s Claw and Victorian Governess are no exception to that.

But what kind of a crazy person thinks of something like that?

Obviously, this torturing device was being used for educational purposes, but the tawse or “taws” originates from Scottish and British educational institutions. People who have been watching a historical movie here and there also know that teachers and students would also refer to this as “the strap” or “the belt”.

Only in 1987, parents (in Scotland and in England) were able to decide to not allow such punishment for their kids. Before that, it was up for the school to decide. If you were a juvenile in Scotland back in the days, you would also have the chance to receive this kind of punishment all the way up to 1948 if you decided to break the law.
The Taws which were being used in schools are now collectors’ items for kinksters and for normal collectors. The Taws is still being made these days for kinky use and these “sex toys” come in all sorts of different price ranges and quality levels.

Different prices

Also the Cat’s Claw and the Victorian Governess taws come with a different price. The Cat’s Claw is the cheapest and can be bought for just under 25 euro. The Victorian Governess is, partially because of its name, looking a bit more expensive and therefor comes with a higher price card. You can buy this one for € 69,-. Cat’s Claw Tawse

First, a review and test of the Cat’s Claw Tawse. The cheapest of these two taws in this review. This Tawse is made out of a handle and 3 long leather straps. The straps and the handle are all made out of thin leather, real leather though, but for that price, you can not expect a highly luxury leather product

The construction is completely solid, but a bit to light for my liking. Because of this, the Cat’s Claw does not spank as good as it could do because there is not enough weight behind it (in my opinion). I also find it difficult to aim well and I think that accuracy, with any kind of spanking product, is a complete must. For me, hitting someone somewhere “random”, is a complete no-go.

For other people this might be less of an issue. The spanking effect of the Cat’s Claw were described by my partners as “Damn, that thing is mean!” and “GET AWAY WITH THAT THING, IT HURTS”. This makes it pretty clear that every sadist should actually get this relatively cheap tawse. IF you like light spanking material obviously.

The Victorian Governess Tawse

In an attempt to create the “real deal”, they have made the Victorian Governess Tawse. If you go by the words of, it would be like experiencing the real Victorian England and your teacher or governess will give you a proper spanking with this Tawse.
The Governess is made out of thick black leather and splits which creates two “lips”. The leather is stitched on both sides and feels nice.

Because of the thickness of the leather and its size of an impressive 50 cm and 10 cm thick, the Victorian Governess has the exact right weight for spanking. However, as I said before, this is my personal opinion.

You can aim well with where you’re spanking and all together this is a very nice and good piece of leather spanking material. I think you should really get this. Buy this one, it’s definitely worth the money.


For people who are just beginning, do not have a lot of (spanking)power in their arms or just love thin tongues and sharp pains, I would definitely recommend the Cat’s Claw. For its price, you will get a very fun toy which does exactly what you buy it for.

If you have to choose and have a bit of a bigger budget and more experience (although you definitely also would not miss with the Governess as a beginner), then the Victorian Governess is, in my personal opinion, the best choice. The material, weight and the way it looks make sure that you would definitely want to add this to your bag of toys.

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Jay is a male sex toy reviewer. He has also earned his stripes in the Kink community in which he has 20+ years of experience. Promotor of sexual freedom for all.


  1. I am an older adult but am very excited about BDSM.

    Currently, I just read about it. At my age (72) and homebody, no opportunities are available.


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