Al draagt een aap een gouden cockring … (Dutch saying)

In English you’d say ‘you can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear’. Before this review, cock rings were not my favorite toy – until I tried the Velv’Or Jnaja Cock ring.

According to the producer, the Velv’or JNaja is a completely new experience when it comes to wearing cock rings. Obviously, I’ve already tried a few cock rings, and my relationship with these “stamina” increasing rings is one made up out of love and hate.

Especially because putting on every “solid” (so not-adjustable made out of rubber, steel or normal wood or whatever kind of material) is a huge hassle with lube, clamping in places where I REALLY do not want it and after reaching an orgasm a long period of “OMG I HAVE TO TAKE THAT THING OFF NOW” while waiting until my hard penis goes flaccid again and finally I can take off the ring accompanied with a lot of stickiness and cursing.

Next to that, I’ve also thought that cock rings were stupid for many years and were made especially for men who could not keep their dicks hard. What did I know? It’s one of those prejudices that you have, but these days, I don’t think like that anymore. Actually, that’s especially because of my experience with the Velv’or JNaja.

When I received, in my case, this red hard nylon cockring with “pendant” from Euphoria, you can imagine that, because of my previous comments, I was not particularly excited on my end. But because I test everything we receive and give it an honest review, I decided to look a bit further than what was right in front of me.

Time for a Review

The Velv’or JNaja is sent in a beautiful box with a pretty design. The cock ring is not what you would expect it to be, because the JNaja is shaped “after your body”. You will find a short manual on the box. It also appears that you can, unlike any other cock ring, wear this one all day. If you review sex toys, you should really review that as well.
“Putting on” the JNaja was really easy, no clamping, no hassle. You do have to do it in the right order, your balls first, then put your (flaccid) penis through.

All of this without an ounce of pain, I’ve definitely been there as well! It should also be noted that you have to buy the right size of ring, because the JNaja is available in different sizes.

Time for Measuring

You measure the diameter needed for this cock ring by measuring the circumference of the area behind your balls and over your penis. You divide this by 3.14 which will give you the diameter of that area. You then find the cock ring that fits best with it.

Here is an example: 17 cm / 3.14 = 5.4 cm diameter. Because of the fact that a cockring should act as a clamp (but not too much) during an erection, you should take the Vel’vor JNaha in size 52.5 (Those are mm and not cm). In my case, they gave me a JNaja size 55. When it comes to cock rings, this was apparently already quite a large size.

Continuing the Review

I have to say that everything stated on the box, is simply true. The cock ring, despite being made out of hard nylon, is really comfortable and pleasant to wear, also because of the pendant stimulating your perineum. I’ve been riding a bicycle with it, and despite you have to pay a bit of attention getting on the bike and especially sitting, everything went absolutely fine. I can’t describe it as anything else but pleasant, I was however worried about sudden erections which would not immediately subdue. But, because of some mental discipline on my side, that did not happen.

After “just wearing” the ring and being happy with how it feels, it was finally time to get a real erection. The ring really does a good job, not only does my penis get harder, it also gets bigger, you can clearly see the veins and all of this without having the feeling that your dick is stuck in a bench vice. In short: awesome!

I could write you a never ending lyrical story about how the JNaja is the best cockring ever, which it actually really deserves, but you, as a reader, would probably get bored. In short, this ring does everything it promises in a very comfortable way. Even AFTER reaching an orgasm, the pendant keeps feeling pleasant and you don’t have the feeling that you HAVE to take the ring off.

There is not much more to say really, except: BUY THIS THING. If you don’t like pendants however, you should probably buy the JNada.


BUY THIS THING, for yourself, for your partner, because you have to experience this, as a giver, as a receiver, as someone who likes to keep fucking, as someone who would like to have a smile on his face through the entire day. BUY THIS THING! From my understanding, the League of EnRinged Gentlemen of Velv’or recommended me to use multiple sizes of this great ring. That’s because your body is not the same every single day. In my opinion, it’s definitely worth the investment.

Also, be sure to check Velv’or’s site, because you can also buy really beautiful versions made out of different materials than just nylon. I know for sure that, because of the way it’s shaped, those are just as comfortable to wear.

Eurphoria was really generous with sending me this great Velv’or JNaja in exchange for an honest review.

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Jay is a male sex toy reviewer. He has also earned his stripes in the Kink community in which he has 20+ years of experience. Promotor of sexual freedom for all.


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