Today is March 20th, the International Day of Happiness.

It’s a young International Day – only five years old, since 2013. Typically, I roll my eyes at all these ‘International Days of bla’ – but I find myself strangely moved today.

The United Nations wrote so eloquently:

The General Assembly,[…] Conscious that the pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human goal,[…]Recognizing also the need for a more inclusive, equitable and balanced approach to economic growth that promotes sustainable development, poverty eradication, happiness and the well-being of all peoples, Decides to proclaim 20 March the International Day of Happiness, Invites all Member States, organizations of the United Nations system and other international and regional organizations, as well as civil society, including non-governmental organizations and individuals, to observe the International Day of Happiness in an appropriate manner, including through education and public awareness-raising activities[…]

— United Nations General Assembly, Resolution adopted by the General Assembly on 28 June 2012[16]

I would change that first sentence to:

The Pursuit of Happiness Is a Fundamental Human RIGHT

Boldpleasures is, at its core, about helping you find happiness in your kinks and fetishes, your desires and passions. We are part of a larger societal shift to eradicate the stigma around kink, BDSM and alternative relationships. But why? So that at the end, we create a world were we can all be our truest self. With kinks and all. Because we deserve that. Because YOU deserve that. Like we wrote in our Manifesto,

Everybody deserves the opportunity to be his or her truest self.

So today, on this official day of Happiness, I want to encourage you to think about those fantasies that you have. And if you haven’t made your first steps, I want to encourage you to dare the adventure.

From my own personal experience, I can tell you that I have learned SO much about myself and found so much happiness in accepting myself for the kinky person that I am. Without shame and with arms wide open to all those new experiences out there. I won’t lie to you, there’s rough patches – but as we mature our kinks, learn how to navigate the world of BDSM, it’s so enriching and so liberating.

And if you are already part of the kink lifestyle, but don’t feel quite happy about it: Look more closely at what surrounds you. Practicing BDSM should enhance your quality of life, give you joy and pleasure. If you feel down more often than up, take a moment to evaluate. Dare to make changes that get you back on a path that makes you smile more often than not.

I am not saying, bounce out of the closet now, burn down all the bridges that don’t make you happy. I am saying

Happiness Is Your Right. And Your Responsibility.

Because you can’t outsource being happy. Own your happiness, nourish it and give it space.

It makes me giggle that the UN asks us to “observe the International Day of Happiness in an appropriate manner” – I ask you to observe it in an “inappropriate manner” 😉 Go do some kinky shit today. Consensual obviously.

Today is the Day of Happiness, tomorrow will be spring – you won’t find a better day 🙂

Stay safe, stay sane, ditch shame.

PS: It’s also French Language Day today, I see plenty of opportunity to combine this with kink ;P

Sonja is a co-founder of boldpleasures. She's on a mission to free people to revel in their true sensuality by removing the stigma surrounding kink. Sonja writes about first steps, ditching the shame and how to combine kink and 'normal' family life. She's a mother of two.


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