BMS Factory is known, amongst other things, from its Swan vibrators and the Palm Power. These vibrators all have a super powerful deep vibration and work with a press and hold system. It means you press the button to turn it on and keep pressing the button to make it go harder.

On an exhibition I met Gordon of BMS Factory with the new Pillow Talk series. It all looked so cute and I really like sex toys that look cute, so I was very happy when he gave me a Cheeky wand vibrator to review. This series also comes with the Flirty and the Sassy, a mini vibrator and a G-spot vibrator. All three toys come in pink and mint-green.

About the Pillow Talk Cheeky

The Pillow Talk Cheeky is actually very simple, but I thought it looked really beautiful. A nice white box with a transparent part so you can already see the toy. It really gave me that Apple kind of feeling. The Cheeky looks really fun in my opinion. I got the mint-green version, a nice and fresh color.

On the sides of the handle you’ll find a checkered pattern which you can feel and the button is made out of a Swarovski stone. I personally don’t think that Swarovski is anything special and it always makes me laugh a little when I read on the packaging that there is a Swarovski element on the toy. In this case I think that the stone fits with everything when it comes to looks, but it really does not matter to me if this is a Swarovski stone or a piece of plastic.

On the top you’ll find a metal ribbed piece. Looks really cute, but I immediately thought how difficult it would be to clean. BMS Factory has been thinking about this as well, because it comes with a special cleaning brush. No more need to take out your old toothbrush. It’s still not very practical, but it does makes it look beautiful as a whole.

The package also comes with a USB charger and a nice storage bag with the brand name. All tucked away nicely in a compartment with the brand name on it. It all looks quite fancy. Something else I like is, in the compartment where you put the Cheeky, you find a little ribbon which you can put under the wand vibrator so you can easily take it out by pulling the ribbon. Super small detail but really practical.

Nothing as annoying as a vibrator you can’t take out of the package. This might only be annoying though if you need to take out multiple toys out of their packaging a day, I’m not sure. For me, it’s annoying though, so I’m really happy with that little ribbon. Yup, whatever makes me happy as a sex toy reviewer.

The Pillow Talk Cheeky is made out of silicon and is water resistant. It can take a bit of water when you clean it, but don’t soak it or take it with you in the shower. If you want to charge the Cheeky, you need to pop out the cap which is placed on the bottom of the vibrator. You can then connect the charger. This is something I would lose super-fast. I’m quite surprised that I still have the cap, but I did pay extra good attention to not losing it. I did understand that even when you lose the cap, it is still water resistant. It does look a little less nice though. Too bad that they didn’t just fasten it in some way.

A little test…

When a sex toy looks as cute as this one, I am always a little anxious about if it will be good as well. But no need to feel anxious in this case when it comes to the Cheeky! This wand vibrator really works super well.

Just like in the other vibrators from BMS Factory, this Pillow Talk Cheeky also has a so-called Power Bullet as a motor. And those Power Bullets vibrate so intensely. Super powerful and especially deep vibrations. Exactly what I love.

Especially for a wireless wand vibrator, I think that the Cheeky is super powerful, more powerful than I expected. I had to get used to the press and hold system. Normally you just press a button multiple times to change its setting, but now I had to press and hold the button until I had the setting I wanted. A couple of times it happened that I just pressed the button once to turn it up a notch and instead it would power off. Argh!

Annoying! I also thought it was too bad that I can not lower the settings more easily. You have to turn it off and then press the button again. I prefer a vibrator with two buttons to turn it up and down.

At the moment I was seriously getting busy with the Cheeky, I just kept it at a single setting (nice and hard) and I had no need to use the button any more. This was the moment to just enjoy the super nice vibrations. Because you can enjoy yourself so much and this toy works really well.

The head is quite small compared to other wand vibrators. I really like that because I prefer to stimulate a smaller area of my vulva. Perfect for me. The “neck” of the Cheeky is a little flexible, which is awesome as well. It prevents you from pushing too hard and it nicely moves with you.

The Verdict:

I’m really happy about this vibrator and I most definitely will use it more often. I might even take it to a party. It’s so easy to bring a wireless wand vibrator with you. It also has a travel lock, so I don’t have to be afraid of it turning on when I’m on my way somewhere.

If you’re looking for a fun wand vibrator which vibrates very well for a very good price, then this Pillow Talk Cheeky is really for you.
You can order the Pillow Talk Cheeky here at SheVibe

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Tess is a 30 something experienced sex toy tester, and also active in kink. She loves sex toys, parties and kinky events, and loves reviewing and writing about them even more.


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