There are a few ways to enjoy a good behind during sex. It might scare you a little or make you feel insecure in the beginning, especially because it’s a sensitive spot of our body. Also, because it’s often linked to abuse. Handled in the right way however, anal sex can bring a lot of pleasure.


With anal fun, most of us would not like to encounter anything coming out of the digestive tract. Don’t get me wrong, there is no point pretending that we all smell like roses down there. Where a small percentage of people enjoy anal sex so much, that just the smell of ass gives them a “(lady)boner”, most people will appreciate it when the recipient will clean him/herself beforehand.

Not just the outside between the cheeks deserves a little extra attention (and soap) but also the inside requires a bit of preparation. That might demand a bit of extra knowledge.

Rose Scented Soap

If you want to use soap on the outside, that’s fine, however, you definitely do not want to use soap internally. Soap is a fat dissolver and it will annoy your intestines. That means you cannot really get down to business the way you want to.

Feces are mostly being kept together by a fatty slime layer which surrounds the feces and provides it with a smooth texture which enables it to be pushed forward more easily in the intestines. Put all of that in soapy water and you can already imagine that the dissolved poop is not shaped like normal turds anymore, but instead it’s just a big liquid mess which can be all over the place… you need a LOT of scented soap to just get over that smell. That’s going to get messy if you’ve also used a bottle of green soap to get in there…

More Is Not Better

Also, be cautious of too much water being squirted deeper into the intestines. The content of the intestines at the start of the colon is still a liquid at this point. It’s getting thicker when it’s further down the colon, so it’s a good idea to use a small turd which can serve as a “stopper” on top of the liquid poop.

The flushing turns liquid when you flush too much.

Nope, do not use soap and too much water and do not go in too deep with that water. Those are the rules of the game when using the enema. This way you’re “all clear” at the end of the intestines and you won’t encounter any liquid poop getting out whilst playing with a nice ass.

Techniques & Materials

The materials you can use for this can be divided into:
• input
• insertion

The supply of the liquid -let’s assume in this case it’s lukewarm water – can be done with:
• an enema
• a squirter
• gravity
• water pressure of the water pipe.


There are enemas for sale that look sort of like a balloon on the horn of an Oldsmobile. The bad thing about this is that you have to squeeze it for the water to come out, however don’t let go, because the water would then go straight back into the balloon…

The water coming out of your bottom, which still needs to be cleaned, well, that’s something you do not want to have in your little toy. Especially when you want to use this toy later, and also when you would like to use that toy with other people!

A big 40cc rectal syringe will not come out as easy and is also used more frequent for cleaning purposes. You can also use gravity by using a bag or a bucket with a hose attached to it. You can imagine: the higher you hold that bag or bucket with the hose above a person, the higher the pressure of the water is which is being squirted into the intestinal system.

Talking about pressure: you can also connect the source of the input directly to the water supply as a separate kind of shower-head for “different kinds of showers”. The risk of this is that it’s easier to overdose on water.

Even worse: if you just open up the tap you would have so much water in your intestines within seconds, so it should come out again automatically without the water being blocked by your input source. If that is not the case, for example, when the input source is a little bigger and sturdier, then it can result in a ruptured intestine. Literally like when the tire of your bicycle explodes… You should go straight to a hospital in this case and not wait to see what happens.


The “insertion” part is the tube with a round tip without any hooks or sharp edges. It is a slightly bigger, maybe even a dildo shaped kind of form which you use to insert the water. Not too deep, we just talked about that already.

Also, there need to be holes in the enema so the water can get out. You will find that there is another difference there as well: these holes can be on the side or on top of the tip.

Bigger or smaller – whatever you like

This is mainly meant for the vagina and not really for the anus. In the anus it is possible to squirt the water straight into the intestine or sideways against the intestinal wall. It does not really matter.

In a vagina it’s different, because if you squirt it straight in, you have the risk of squirting it straight pas the cervix, into the womb. A womb does not have the space for that. It’s not made for it. So don’t do it. In a vagina, use a douche nozzle with holes pointing sideways and not straight in. You then also have a risk of injecting bacteria into the womb which do not belong there.

Again: Anally it does not really matter. Intestines can expand a little, so you can use quite a bit of water as long as you’re in constant control of it. Intestines are used to all kinds of bacteria, so if you use lukewarm water (and a pump), then there is only a very low risk of things going wrong.

Lube & Enjoy

One small little extra thing goes a long way for “the input” … Lube!

When it comes to the nether region, we are more used to things going OUT rather than going in. Because of that, people tighten up pretty easily, so lube is often a necessity for things to go a little smoother and things can be received a little… uhm… easier. An anal douche should really not be a painful experience.

Some people play painful games with larger quantities of water. Be mindful of what you’re doing and if this is going to cause any anatomic issues. Some people play with cramps by using colder water. Some people play with humiliation by using so much water on a person that it becomes increasingly difficult to keep it inside (ever had very liquid diarrhoea?)

These are extra possibilities for people practicing BDSM, but in general I advise the following:

You clean so that you can enjoy yourself more and without any worrying.

An anus is an area of your body full of nerve endings, which makes it very sensitive. When you play with it or let someone play with it, then it can result in various new ways of reaching an orgasm. When you push forward from the anus, you can also hit the G-spot very well.

As a woman, having vaginal sex while you have something inside your anus is a whole different kind of experience. When you’re having anal sex while someone else or you yourself are massaging your clit, then you can have different kinds of orgasms compared to ‘standard’ sex.

Much like when someone is rimming you, or playing with your buttocks while you’re being fingered or jacked off.

Anal sex should be about feeling good. When it feels good, you can enjoy anal sex more frequently, together. Don’t start without using lube or without plenty of rest for relaxation as some sort of punishment. Anal sex should be good for both parties involved. You can “punish” in different kind of ways.

A tip for the ladies: anal is something you do as a woman not “for your boyfriend” but for yourself. You do it to discover another way to enjoy yourself and even to orgasm in a different way as a woman.

A reminder for men: anal sex is something you do as a man, not because you’re gay, but because you want it and because you like it.

Hans has over a quarter of a century of experience in the mental health sector. Hans is a certified physiotherapist, psychotherapist and relationship coach. The debilitating effects of shame and taboos have always had his attention.


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