Behind closed bathroom doors, hairy men all over the world are liberating their balls, by discovering how to manscape and groom their body hair.

Manscaping quite simply means “the removal or trimming of hair on a man’s body for cosmetic effect.” Everything you can shave on a man that is below the neck falls into the manscaping category.

I love the term, and I recently caught up with Wesley Oaks, the man behind iManScape, an online blog that is helping men all over the world find the answers to those tricky grooming, hygiene, and bearded questions that all men have.

Who Is Manscaping for?

Manscaping is for any man who wants to take care of his body and look great in his birthday suit. It’s not all smooth skin and shaved balls, a manscaper can also have a rugged look with chest, belly or thigh hair and a massive beard. It is, in fact, the art of taming the hair to make it do as you wish.

Men care about their appearance just like women do and manscaping is helping men feel more confident about their bodies.

Should I Manscape?

You already shave or groom your facial hair so why not your body hair? Here are just a few of my favorite reasons why you should manscape

  • Builds self confidence
  • Studies show many partners prefer men who groom their body hair
    CAUTION: There are a lot of folks out there who like it hairy, before you go all smooth, check back with your partner 😉
  • You smell better, less hair means less sweat and dirt trapped
  • Your penis will look bigger
  • Your penis will look bigger
  • Your penis will look bigger :o)
  • Get more oral sex, there’s less chance of your partner getting hair in their teeth (unless your partner is into that)

Those are just a few of my favorite reasons, but actually, there’s lots more, Wesley and the guys over at iManscape really do a great job of reinforcing the fact that the best benefit by far is pride and self-worth.

Where Do I Begin?

If you’re a particularly hairy man, how do you know where to start and where to stop shaving? Luckily Wesley had some great advice

“If you’re thinking about shaving below the belt but are concerned about still having a hairy belly and thighs, here’s the thing… it’s completely fine”

Wesley assures us that the silky-smooth skin is all anyone will be interested in.

“It’s not going to look odd and the person you’re with won’t even be paying attention to that because they’ll be more focused on the main event.”

Wesley does say that if you’re still concerned about your belly and thigh hair that you can use a body groomer with an adjustable guard to trim it down.

“You don’t have to remove it completely but just thinning it out may help you to feel more confident.”

How Do I Shave my Balls?

Have you ever asked yourself “what is the best way to shave my balls?”. Wesley was telling me it’s a topic that a lot of guys have problems with, mostly because the skin in this area is wrinkly and difficult to shave.

Wesley says the best way to shave your balls is actually with a razor blade whilst in the shower.

“Once you get over the fact you’re putting a razor blade to your balls it’s really not so bad, but just remember the skin on your testicles is very unique. It’s not like the rest of your skin. It’s stretchy, wrinkly, and very forgiving. Still, you want to practice patience and just take your time down there.”

iManscape has an awesome 4 step guide to shaving your balls which you can read here.

Or just watch this cool – AND safe for work – video by Gillette:

In Conclusion:

Well, hopefully like me you now have a better understanding of what it means to manscape. Some partners love it, some like it, and some would rather go hairy, so measure twice, cut once.

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