When I spotted the new Broad City toys at Lovehoney, I immediately thought they looked super sweet. I never heard of the Broad City tv show, so I decided to look that up first. I’ve watched a few episodes and it’s a real funny show. But even without watching the show, the toys appealed to me. Just look at it… A mini vibrator with the text “Yas Kween”, that’s super cute right! Jacqs from LoveHoney was sweet enough to sent me the Yas Kween 10 Function Bullet in exchange for an honest review.


The packaging of this vibrator was really funny to me. You obviously can see the logo of the show, and underneath the logo you’ll read “Som high class sh*t”. I think that’s funny. You can also see two pictures of the main characters of the show on the packaging and some more funny lines and a short product description. The packaging is basic, nice and compact and it looks cute. On the vibrator itself, you can see the text “Yas Kween” on one side and “Broad City” on the other side. I really like the color combination of bright pink and yellow. It’s very refreshing and sweet. I also think that this sex toy would be a nice gift for a friend.


The Yas Kween Bullet is available for a very good price. You can get it for 19.95. Because of the price, I kinda had my doubts about if it would be good or not. Most toys I’ve been testing, are quite a bit more expensive. However, I am under the impression that toys have gotten more and more expensive over the last couple of years, but you often (not always) will have a quality product in that case. However, this bullet vibrator is good for your wallet. It’s not rechargeable and works with a battery. It needs one AAA battery. You can easily unscrew the bottom part and then you’ll find a rolled up piece of paper on the inside of the vibrator. I think this is to prevent the shaking of the battery, but I’m not sure. Just leave it be and put the battery in. Oldschool and it works absolutely fine.


The vibrator has one button. It’s all so easy and that’s why you can find the entire use manual in the inside of the packaging. You’ll find it as soon as you take the vibrator out. It will tell you how to insert the battery and there the on/off button is. It doesn’t get easier. With the on/off button, you can also go through 10 different settings. It has 3 steady vibration settings and 7 patterns.

The material used for this sextoy is ABS plastic with poly coating. I’m not entirely sure, but I don’t think it’s porous. Because of the fact that I’m not using this vibrator for penetration, I don’t mind the quality that much compared to toys I’m using for actual penetration. It feels really nice, hard, but the top layer also gives it a little smooth and soft feeling. This sex toy is also waterproof, which is always a nice little extra.

So far, I was completely happy, but how was this toy when you actually started using it? Like I said before, I was not expecting much, because a cheap toy which only works on AAA batteries is most of the time not the best kind of toy. But this Yas Kween bullet really surprised me. The vibrations were a lot more powerful than I was expecting. They were not the deepest vibrations ever, it’s not a We-Vibe Tango, but they were definitely not buzzy.

Testing …

The Yas Kween bullet comes with some good vibrations. The first setting is already pretty intense. I love it!

From the seven vibration settings, there were only two that I liked. Most of the time you’ll find almost the same vibration patterns in every toy, but here I found a couple of new ones. I like it when they try something new instead of simply copying an excisting toy, but, well, it does not always work out. These patterns really did not do it for me. Some of them were simply not powerful enough and others did not make a lot of sense. It annoyed me instead of making me feel horny. But I liked the standard on/off pattern and I also liked the pattern where it goes from gentle to hard, over and over again. But to orgasm, I would use my favorite number 3 setting.

And reaching an orgasm was really easy with this bullet vibrator. The tapered shaped tip gave me some very good pinpoint stimulation, so I could exactly hold this vibrator against the spot I liked the most so it could give me the focused stimulation I wanted. The vibrations were also nice and intense, so having an orgasm was not a problem.

I’m really surprised by this Broad City Bullet. I thought it only looked cute, but it worked just fine. All of that for a very nice price.


I can really recommend this vibrator if you’re looking for a fun and affordable small toy or as a nice gift for someone. For beginners this is definitely a nice sex toy to start with, but for someone who already has a few toys and is looking for a nice bullet which is not too expensive, this sex toy is also definitely a suitable option.

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Tess is a 30 something experienced sex toy tester, and also active in kink. She loves sex toys, parties and kinky events, and loves reviewing and writing about them even more.


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