Liberator is a brand which I’ve known for years because of their sex pillows. Honestly, for a long time I thought “what should I do with a pillow like that?” I didn’t think a pillow like that could really contribute anything to sex. Until I read a review of another sex toy reviewer about this exact Liberator Wedge Ramp Combo. She was super excited about it and since then I just started being more and more curious. I wanted to try out a pillow like that as well!

And last week the time was finally there! Natascha from sent me a Liberator Wedge Ramp Combo in exchange for an honest review. Wooohooo! When the mailman arrived, I basically pulled the box out of his hands. I could not wait for much longer!

Fancy Vacuum Packing!

When I opened the box, a beautiful box was inside of it. A box which will give you the feeling that something really good will be inside of it. Beautiful, stylish and black with the text “Bedroom adventure” on the side of it. I was immediately in the mood to try it out. The box also has some sort of flap which you can open. On there, you’ll see the pictures of the Liberator Wedge Ramp Combo and instructions for how to use it. Beautiful, sexy and stylish images. I was even more in the mood now!

I’ve already heard that these pillows were vacuum sealed, but still I was wondering how pillows as big as these would fit in a box like that. I mean, it was not a small box, but not nearly as big as I thought the pillows would be. So I was wondering if the images on the box might have been edited and that the pillows would not be that big at all. Or that the people on the images were just very small people, you just don’t know.

The pillows were tightly sealed in a bag. As soon as you unzip that bag, it creates some sort of muffin top. It took a bit of effort to take the pillow out of the bag. After that, the pillow was still packed in a plastic bag and as soon as I ripped that open, yup, I ripped it open, because I was in a hurry, I wanted to try it NOW, the pillows started to become even bigger. It was like a little miracle to look at. And they did get the same size as on the images.

The pillows came in a black cover which felt a little like plastic. The beautiful purple covers came separately in the box, I just had to put them around the pillows. I was thinking about the time I had to put a cover on an Ikea couch and how much effort that was and I was kind of afraid that this would be a similar kind of experience. But lucky enough I was completely wrong. Putting the covers around the pillows was really easy. In the user manual it said that you should put the Liberator logo on the same place as the label on the black protective cover. Completely fool proof!

Super Strong and Wonderful!

Obviously, I immediately laid down on the ramp. It surprised me how sturdy it was. It’s more like a matrass than a pillow feeling wise. The pillow does not dent if you lay on top of it. Even when I am on top of it, and I’m not the lightest person. But it’s definitely not too hard, just really comfy. And the purple cover felt really nice and soft as well. Even as a lounge pillow, this would be a perfect item!

But, I had different plans instead of lounging with this Liberator pillow. And I can honestly say that these pillows really exceeded my expectations. Just the wedge by itself, the smaller pillow, is great by itself. If you’re on your back, and you place this pillow under your butt, then you will be able, even if you’re not agile like me, just throw your legs up. Really, without any effort, I just threw my legs up in the air and I was still comfy. It surprised me. Normally, this is a position I like a lot when I have my legs up, but as I was saying, I’m not that agile, so it does need a bit of support and after a while it just does not feel as nice anymore. But with a pillow like this, it is super easy and super comfortable. Just because of a triangle-shaped pillow. How cool is that!

With this pillow under your butt, without throwing your legs up, your G-spot is also much more stimulated. Yay!

The Combination

But you can also combine the two pillows. If you place the wedge on the ramp, you have a lot more possibilities. And this is another thing which surprised me, the wedge does not slide off the ramp. You would almost thing that it has Velcro underneath, that’s how good it was being kept in place. But there was no Velcro. The fabric felt really soft to the touch, and still it would remain in its place. I think that’s incredible. So good! I’m so excited about it!

When you put them on top of each other and you position yourself on your knees in front of it, you can lie down over them. You will be super comfy and exactly right for doggy style. I noticed that my body automatically was being placed in some sort of sexy curve. If you lie down like that, both of you will automatically get into the right mood. With your pelvis being a little twisted, you can reach your G-spot even better. This makes me so happy!

You can also use it as a little spanking couch. Yeah, I still really like spanking. For example, it would be very nice to use combined with the Bück Dich

Comfy and Sexy

It really does not matter what kind of position you try with these pillows. It’s seriously all much more comfortable, easier and sexier. I’m really impressed. These Liberator Pillows are even better than I was expecting. And as a nice little extra thing, they are great serving as lounging pillows.

Obviously, the pillows are not cheap, and that might be the only downside I could mention. But they are super durable. The pillows are really sturdy, like a matrass. It’s already wrapped in a protective cover, which is great, so the pillow will stay clean, no matter how wet it gets. And it also comes with super nice and soft covers which can be washed and also ensure that the pillows don’t move when they are placed on top of each other.

For me, the Liberator Wedge Ramp Combo is a super nice and good addition to sex. It really makes me happy. Anything which makes sex better, nicer, more exciting and easier, is always a big fat win for me!

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Tess is a 30 something experienced sex toy tester, and also active in kink. She loves sex toys, parties and kinky events, and loves reviewing and writing about them even more.


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