Lecture: The Psychology of Kink

For medical professionals, therapists, midwives, kraamverzorgers, lawyers and teachers - and anybody curious to learn more about the psychology behind BDSM.

Tue, Sep 4th, 19.00
in Amsterdam

from 9,99 EUR


Are kinksters crazy? Are BDSM practitioners mentally ill? Galen Fous will discuss his ground-breaking research on kink sexuality and offer insights into the psychological complexity and roots of kink desires and power-exchange. 

Hans West will discuss the Dutch take on BDSM and kink, looking at local health care aspects. Hans gives tips for professionals and students on how to deal with kinky patients/clients and where you can turn to for further help and advice.

There will be time for Q&A after the talk.

Galen Fous MTP

Kink Sex-Researcher, Author & Therapist

Galen is on the faculty of Sexology University and the Modern Sex-Therapy Institute. He offers classes for therapists on kink-positive psychology.

Hans West

Kink Aware Therapist & Dutch BDSM Veteran

Hans is a counselor for stress management, addiction and alternative relationships. He works in Amsterdam as a private coach & psychomotor therapist for Jellinek.

Hans West

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We will also discuss:

  • Untangling shame, fear and trauma from authentic desire
  • The critical distinction between D/s and BDSM
  • The archetypal, symbolic, mythic dynamics of kink sexuality
  • The importance of being conscious, present and embodied
  • Impeccable respect for boundaries and consent
  • The Personal Erotic Myth survey results (> 4000 respondents) 
  • Sexual identity as one’s birth-right 
  • Redefining therapy for 21st century sexuality

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